Emilia dell'Oro

So that’s the time to get acquainted closer! Emilia dell’Oro – from now, it is the name of your best dresses combining Love & Perfect Couture. Outfits by Emilia dell’Oro - the anthem for women, the flight of imagination and creativity – will take an honorable place in your wardrobe.
What inspired us? Exactly you! We know as well how it is important for you to have a glance of that very dress you’re dreaming of, but even more important to find one you haven’t ever imagined. The world is your oyster; amazed glances and billions of compliments – believe us, it’s so easy to get them!
What is our goal? Your shining eyes and smile! And sure enough, meeting you again and again, since we have a lot of dresses – we will create the spark for them together.
In outfit design lines by Emilia dell’Oro you'll find everything the modern lady truly needs: exciting dresses, elegant costumes, sexy skirts and airy blouses.
Emilia dell’Oro is displayed in more than twenty brand shops in Europe, Russia and CIS today. New cities and countries will get a chance to enjoy shopping in a little while but for now all the best models of your favorite outfits are available at the website.
Find Emilia dell’Oro boutiques in your city:

  • Bologna
  • Paris
  • Moscow
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  • Rostov
  • Novosibirsk
  • Krasnodar
  • Kemerovo
  • Ekaterinburg
  • Tomsk
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