Emilia dell'Oro Co:
Arranges sales and distributes products under Emilia dell'Oro original trademark (Italy Numero domanda: 302018000023811);
- Carries out direct deliveries and provides wholesale / retail;
- Considers the following partnership options:
Official regional distributor;
Franchising – a mono-brand store;
Wholesale partner.
Emilia dell'Oro provides all its partners with:
- The originality and security of the trademark supported by the American, European and Russian legislation, as well as the exclusivity of its own models of the premium level;
- Prioritized in-time deliveries of products, regularly updated main and capsule collections of dresses and accessories;
- Centralized brand and model promotions;
- The right (possibly exclusive) to sale the products and provide commercial activities under Emilia dell'Oro trademark;
- Marketing support;
- Ordering a design project for store or brand- section;
- Ongoing support and consulting for partners during cooperation;
- Additional benefits depending on the level and achievements of partner.
Emilia dell'Oro individually considers each partnership option and negotiation subjects.